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Naverisk 2014 R2 is Now Available!

Remote Monitoring (RMM)

Easy UI & Administration

Integrated Service Desk

All In One Solution for MSP's

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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

- Real-Time System Monitoring

- Patch Management & System Updates

- Reports & Dashboards

- Service Desk & Billing

- Remote Control & User Chat

- Cloud Based & Budget Friendly

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Naverisk™ Remote Monitoring (RMM) & Service Desk

The Naverisk Remote Monitoring (RMM) and Service Desk Solution is designed to help managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT professionals support technology. The Naverisk RMM Suite has a full feature set of tools and utilities that help manage and streamline IT operations.

Designed to be flexible, our RMM software is a 100% web-based application and is accessible through any browser. Unlike other RMM products, there’s no need to install clients to get your work done. Through a simple browser, our RMM solution also offers functionality that helps the managed service provider manage devices, track ticketing, generate reports, conduct client billing and invoicing and more. As a complete and single solution, Naverisk empowers companies to support their clients faster, easier and better than before.

Built using today’s web technology, the Naverisk RMM & Service Desk Suite is extremely efficient and designed to be powerful yet simple. It is the easiest-to-use RMM platform on the market today. If you are interested in learning more about Naverisk and how we might help your organization, please give us a call at 213-228-5612.

Naverisk RMM—Excellent Features in a Single Solution!

The Naverisk RMM Solution is a complete, web-based system that offers MSPs the functionality they need to successfully fulfill their managed service practices. We believe that in providing our partners with the tools they need to monitor devices and networks, track time and ticketing, and manage billing and invoicing, we can cover 95% of the requirements that most MSPs have—in ONE solution. With Naverisk, you won’t need to spend time and money purchasing, configuring, integrating and maintaining other time-entry and invoicing systems just to run your business. We’ve taken care of that for you and it’s included FREE!

Device Management

  • 100% Web Based—No Client Needed
  • Native Agents for Windows, Mac & Unix
  • Audit & Asset Management
  • Patch Management
  • Software Deployment
  • Batch & Powershell Scripting
  • Remote Control

Monitoring & Automation

  • Polling & Event-Based Monitors
  • Monitor Anything on the Device
  • Event Log and System Resource
  • Easy Creation of Automation Routines
  • Automate Scans, Patching, Reports and More
  • Monitor SNMP and Network Devices
  • Monitor VMWare and HyperV
  • Auto Ticket Creation & Closure

Ticketing & Billing

  • Native Feature of Naverisk—Not a Bolt On
  • Unlimited Licenses for Tech’s and Users
  • Track Time, Expenses and Contracts
  • Client Invoicing & Billing
  • Integration with AutoTask and Connectwise
  • Email to Ticket Conversation
  • End User Portal & Reporting
  • Multiple Service Boards

The Naverisk RMM Saves You Time and Money!

Ultimately, the goal of any good RMM solution should be to save your company time and money in servicing your customers. Naverisk excels in this mission and provides immediate advantages to your company on day 1. The benefits of reducing time and costs for your team are realized with Naverisk because you receive…

Naverisk RMM Complete

A Complete Package

The Naverisk RMM and Service Desk Suite is an all-in-one solution designed to meet the needs of most managed service providers (MSP’s). Our solution providers MSP businesses with a 100% web based solution to effectively monitor and manage systems and networks, track tickets and time, automate invoices and billing and troubleshoot and fix devices behind the scenes. Unlike other systems that pitch a some type of “RMM Office Suite” – with Naverisk, you won’t need to purchase, integrate and then administer disparate systems (ticketing and invoicing, for example) just to run your shop. Using Naverisk, everything’s included and part of the core system.

Naverisk RMM Complete

An Easy System

A common trend in many of the public reviews of Naverisk is the simplicty and ease of use. As Naverisk is 100% web based and an all-in-one solution, this helps to greatly reduce the time and overhead in administering the system. Many partners who switch from other RMM tools indicate a savings of at least 50-60% in system administration tasks once they moved to Naverisk. With our RMM solution, partners will not need to spend time with complex system configurations, tweaking “automated” implementation schemes, or integrating and maintaining ticketing and billing systems. When they use Naverisk – it just works!

Naverisk RMM Complete

An Affordable Solution

Want to Save Money in RMM Tools? Then use Naverisk! The Naverisk RMM and Service Desk Solution is agressively priced in the market to help even the smallest MSP start and grow their company. We’re known to be lower than the list cost of most vendors out there for both of our platforms: Cloud and On-Premise. Furthermore – given that we include our service desk, reporting, patching and billing features at no additional cost, you won’t need to spend money on purchasing and configuring those other systems like you would with other companies pitching RMM “office” solutions. Our solution is all inclusive and easy to grow with. And unlike other vendors, we don’t force you into long term contracts or minimum agent purchases. As a partner of Naverisk, you’ll enjoy month to month billing and can deploy agents when you need them – one at a time. No need to call a pushy sales guy and buy in blocks.

Naverisk RMM Complete

Implementations By People

Simply put – when you onboard with Naverisk, we use people to get the job done. People who have used other systems have told us horror stories about how other RMM tools attempt to automate the deployments using scripts that supposedly represent industry “best practices”. As a technology professional, you’re too smart to believe the hype that these implementation engines can configure the system the way you need it to support your customers. That’s why we don’t try to sell you that nonsense. As a partner of Naverisk, we take the time, EVERY TIME, to consult with you and help tailor the system to meet your specific needs. This means you’ll talk to people before, during and after stemming up your Naverisk Solution.

Naverisk RMM Complete

Outstanding Customer Service

As former MSP owners, we know that when you are calling a vendor for support it’s because you need help – FAST! Too many other vendors out there force their customers through and endless call tree, only to reach a Level 1 technician that typically knows less than you do about their product. As a partner at Naverisk, you have access via phone, email and through your Naverisk system to true support professionals who are experts on the Naverisk product. We’re here 24×7 and have very fast response times and excellent resolution times. To see what some of our partners have said about their experience with our team, click here for their view on Naverisk Support.

Naverisk RMM Resources & Links!

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